Is this an ARG?

O ____ O

What are your videos about?

Some of my videos (the ones I'm in) r typically satirical in nature. Others (animations) r focused around some fictional crap/characters I like to work on. :U Ultimately I just make whatever I feel like making. ^ ___ ^

Will I get a virus from visiting this website?

Holy fucking shit you're stupid.

Will you ever do an ARG/series?

idk. I rlly don't care for ARGS n I don't have much time to dedicate to an actual series. That being said, I have some ideas and I've thought about it. I subscribe to the belief that ARGs and online horrorjunk in general are better when done anonymously, so if I did I'm not sure I would ever publicly link it back to me...

Who/what are you inspired by?

Jakov Burov, Jimmy Screamerclauz, Jack Stauber, John Waters, David Lynch, religous turmoil, all ur fav shitty e-celebs, LOCAL58, Cyriak, David Firth, Eric Andre, Harlan Ellison, Thanks Computer, Everything Is Terrible, Skycorp Home Video and the old internet before u guys fucking ruined it..


What do you use to edit?

Photoshop CC, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Audacity primarily.

What about glitch effects/datamoshing?

I use avidemuxe 2.5.6 on a Windows XP virtual machine because every other method I've found is dogshitte and I prefer to do real datamoshing as opposed to using plugins. Follow any basic avidemuxe datamosh tutorial and you're good. Other glitch effects are done with physical hardware (dirty mixer, shaking my VCR, etc.) or by corrupting files w/ Audacity. I usually throw in a little bit of edited crap in between to blend things together.

What do you use to animate?

Most of my assets are photomanipulations made and animated in Photoshop with further animation done in Premiere Pro/After Effects.

What TTS do you use?

or click this for the easiest alternative.

Did you make [song in video]?

Probably not! I'm a scavenger and usually just slow down/speed up/bitcrush existing songs or random noises. Sometimes I get songs from a friend or an old weather channel video. I don't do music. x ___ x You can find some of my crappy bitcrushed song edits here. Calling them "remixes" sounds errrrrmmmmmm....... generous. But u know what I mean. Get em while they're hot aka b4 I get dmca'd.


How do you get your stuff on a CRT and back?

Using an HDMI to RCA converter. You can get a cheap one on Amazon (or the same one even cheaper on eBay.) I use this one. THESE ONES ARE CHEAP AND MIGHT BE DEFECTIVE. RESEARCH THE SELLER BEFORE PURCHASING.

I also use a capture card to digitize tapes from the VCR. You can use any capture card with AV input, but they can be expensive. I use this one.

There are cheaper alternatives marketed specifically for VCR/VHS capture-- for example, I used to use this one, which was around 30 bucks. There's a million of these from different manufacturers with prices ranging from 20-100+ dollars. In my experience, the results are very crunchy. If you want a better quality capture, splurge on an actual capture card.

The workflow for PC -- > VHS -- > PC basically entails combining these two things. Once you understand one you'll begin to understand the other.

How do you get the VHS effect?

See above. That will give you a better understanding. I basically make and edit the videos on PC before putting them onto a VHS tape and then running the VHS tape back into my computer. Basically you have to do both steps as described above using both tools + a VCR + a tv. There are infinitely more simple solutions using software plugins/overlays if you can't get the equipment or just aren't interested in doing it that way lol. My method involves a major drop in quality as well + the results are more unpredictable. If that's not your vibe, stick to editing software and the plethora of resources they've got.

I intend to do a more involved write-up or video tutorial of my process soon for those who do have the equipment and want to do what I do!

Where can I get a CRT/VCR/CAMERA?

Facebook Marketplace is a goldmine for cheap/free old tech. I got most of my CRT's from there for 10 dollars or less. All of my cameras were from thrift stores/friends/eBay. Expect to pay way more on eBay. Marketplace, flea markets, and thrift stores are your cheapest and best options.