SpaceHey MySpace clone !
FriendProject aanother myspace clone! NOTE: very shady website w/ many security issues, if u sign up here u should use a throaway password u don't use elsewhere
damedanespace another myspace clone , small n kewl community don't go shittin it up
neocities build ur own website ! all da convenience of geocities w/ a fun n vibrant community ( U R HERE RN MY SITE IS HOSTED THERE ) like neocities but less fun !
FC2 like neocities/ but primarily focused in asia - PROTIP:::: if u google this domain u can pull back all kinds of funky old web sites
dreamwidth blog hosting website ; looks real old n works real guud site 4 emos that feels n looks pretty old , never been on there much so I can't vouch for da community but some of my frens enjoy it :B
VidLii old youtube clone except it changes hands a lot + always got some stuff goin on in the community, idk I can't rlly keep up but it's kewl
Agora Road technically a vaporwave forum but v nostalgic n cozy , don't shit it up if u go :U
ProBoards host ur own forum for free!
youcoo u can host your own "social media site." it reminds me of old proboards. :B